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Play Best Live Dealer Online Casino Games For Real Money In Australia 2024

Playing with a real dealer is an exhilarating experience that remains an unrivaled choice for many players. At RocketPlay live dealer online casino Australia, we provide the best and most exciting variety for Australian players. Check out our spectacular and rewarding collection of live casino games online and our bonuses that promise an extended time at your favorite gaming tables.

Discover Live Dealer Games At Rocketplay Online Casino for Real Money in Australia

RocketPlay live dealer online casino has the finest selection of table games and other live game categories for Australian players. The presence of a real dealer adds a thrilling and authentic element to the game play which is even more enhanced at RocketPlay with our meticulously designed live casino section. By choosing the live casino at RocketPlay, Australian players can enjoy many benefits like


We provide an extensive selection of games that feature real dealers. The titles and categories at RocketPlay are from 40 top providers ensuring Australian players get to indulge in the finest and most immersive game experience ever.


All our featured titles use the latest technology to provide a spectacular gaming atmosphere that is safe and secure to play. With high-definition games and 24/7 customer support playing here is a hassle-free and memorable experience.

Immersive experience

Since only real dealers are present, players get to have a real dealer casino experience that is similar to a land-based establishment. Players can interact with dealers as in a real casino making the experience authentic.

Why you should choose RocketPlay

  • We provide an easy to access and convenient gameplay with our excellently designed games.
  • All our games are tested for fairness and security so players can enjoy the games without any worries.
  • High-level encryption and safe payment options ensure players can play the real money games safely.
  • We are a fully licensed casino regulated by the Curacao Gaming Authority.

How to Start Playing at RocketPlay

Playing at our live dealer online casino in Australia is an easy, convenient, and exciting experience. To make it easy for players, we have a special access tab for our Live casino section. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play our real dealer titles.

  1. Visit our official website.
  2. Log in to your account or create a new one if you do not have an account.
  3. Navigate to the deposit section, choose details like preferred currency and the amount you want to deposit, and complete the deposit process.
  4. Visit the live casino section and choose a category you prefer.
  5. Click on the chosen game and start playing.

Registration and Verification

If you are new to our site, start by creating an account. The registration process at RocketPlay is simple and quick. Here are the steps for signing up.

  1. Visit the official RocketPlay website and click on the Signup button present on the top menu bar of the home page.
  2. Enter the registration details like your email address, country, and your preferred currency.
  3. Create a secure password.
  4. Confirm you are 18 years old and accept the terms and conditions of the site and the privacy policy.
  5. Click on the signup button to complete the process.

Note: New members need to complete the verification process, as it prevents fraudulent activity and is a requisite for complying with the security terms. Verification also speeds up the withdrawal process and ensures it is conducted safely.

How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals

At RocketPlay live online casino for real money, we offer an easy and quick deposit and withdrawal process for Australian players. Here are step-by-step guides for deposits and withdrawals.

How to deposit

  1. Log in to your account using your email address and password.
  2. Click on the deposit option present on the home page menu.
  3. Select from the payment options provided and furnish the details required.
  4. Confirm the deposit.

How to Withdraw

  1. Navigate to the cashier section on your account page.
  2. Click on the withdraw button and choose a preferred withdrawal method.
  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  4. Confirm the withdrawal amount.

Note: You should be a registered member and have undergone the verification process to be eligible for withdrawal. You should be aware of the withdrawal limits as they vary based on the payment option you choose.

We have limits on the maximum and minimum withdrawals and deposits. You should comply with the limits and satisfy the wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings. Adhering to the verification process and other conditions will ensure you have a safe and hassle-free experience.

How to Make a Bet at Live Dealer Room

RocketPlay has easy processes to ensure Australian players have a thrilling and user-friendly experience. Here is a detailed guide on how to make a bet in a live game at RocketPlay.

  1. Browse our collection of live dealer games
  2. Choose from the game categories and pick a title you want to play.
  3. Follow the instructions for the specific game you have chosen.
  4. Decide the wagering amount and select an appropriate chip value.
  5. From the options present, pick a bet type and place the wager.

Continue to play and if you are lucky, you can make big winnings which you can see in your account balance. Each of the games in the live casino has its special rules. Players should be familiar with the terms and conditions of each category for a better gaming experience.

Top Live Blackjack Games At Rocketplay Casino

Blackjack is one of the popular live dealer casino games that Australian players love to participate in. We provide the most diverse selection of Blackjack titles that allow players to have a spectacular time at the gaming tables.

Below are the popular titles we offer for Australian players.

  • Live Blackjack
  • Asian Blackjack
  • Speed Blackjack
  • Oasis Blackjack
  • Gravity Blackjack

Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack is a commonly played game that has single and multiple-player options. It uses eight 52-card decks that are shuffled together before dealing the cards. Some of the features and rules of this game are

  • Initially, the minimum bet is applied but more options open up with the progress of the game.
  • Players can double the initial bet as long as they agree to stand after one additional card is dealt.
  • If the player hits Blackjack, the payment is made at 3:2 odds.
  • If the player loses then the initial bet is forfeited.
  • RTP of Classic Blackjack is 99.51%

Speed Blackjack

As the name suggests, Speed Blackjack is a faster version of the classic game. When two cards are dealt to players, dealers will deal the subsequent card to the quickest-acting player with the help of the pre-decision feature. Some interesting features and rules of this game are

  • Each game lasts only for about 30 seconds or less
  • The speed is 20% more than the classic game.
  • Unlike the classic game, the cards are issued at the request of the player.
  • If the total card value is higher than 21 you go bust and lose the bet.
  • If the dealer and the player have 17 or over as the total neither wins. The wager is returned to the player in a push.
  • The RTP is 99.59%

Asian Blackjack

Asian Blackjack is one of the variants of the game by Beterlive. It is similar to the classic version but with variation only in the gaming environment. Some of the features and rules of the game are:

  • The Asian version is more colorful than the other versions of the game that offer sets made in black and gold finishes.
  • All features and rules are similar to the classic version which is a seven-seat layout.
  • Options present include the 21+3 betting option and the player/dealer pair option.
  • The RTP for this Asian version is 99.51%

Gravity Blackjack

Gravity Blackjack from Beter Live is popular at RocketPlay as it allows an unlimited player number with high payouts. The main features and game rules are

  • A multiplier feature is present for side bets in addition to the classic single-seat game.
  • Multipliers increase the winning amount by x2, x4, x6, x8, and x10.
  • Payouts are higher when the cards are of the same value or suit at 100:1
  • A total card value of nearer to 21 than the dealer will signal a win of the betting amount.
  • For a total card value over 21, you lost the bet.
  • The RTP for this game is 99.51%.

Live Roulette Game Variations At Rocketplay Casino

Roulette is a riveting live table game that originated in the 17 century in France. At RocketPlay, Australian players can enjoy a diverse range of Roulette games that have real dealers.

Here is a list of the most prevalent Roulette games on our site:

  • European Roulette
  • Live French Roulette
  • Gravity Roulette
  • Cocktail Roulette

European Roulette

In the European version, the wheel has 37 numbers with one of the numbers as 0 which is the unique aspect that differentiates it from the American version. Players can place bets on the numbers, a set of numbers, the color, or an even or odd outcome. Here are some rules and features of this type:

  • The betting option is of two types namely inside and outside bets.
  • Inside bets have higher payouts but winning chances are very low
  • Outside bets come with lower payouts but the winning chance is high.
  • A house edge of 2.7% is present.
  • RocketPlay has European Roulette from Platipus, which has an RTP of 97%.

Gravity Roulette

Gravity Roulette from Beter Live provides a superior-quality game with sky-high multipliers. The presence of multipliers can increase payouts by nearly 1: 1000. Key features and rules of this game are:

  • The game objective is similar to the classic game where players place wagers on different betting positions.
  • Special multipliers appear at random after betting time closes and if a player wins the multiplier will increase the payouts.
  • This game has an RTP of 97.4%

French Roulette

French Roulette is a popular choice among Australian players as it comes with a very low house edge of 1.35%. Here are some of the key rules and features of this type:

  • Only one zero is present as opposed to two zeros in the American version.
  • The outside bets are split on two sides of the table.
  • The numbers on the Roulette wheel are facing inward.
  • Inside bets include straight, split, street, corner, and line bets.
  • When the ball lands in zero, the player gets a second chance.
  • Beter Live is the provider of French Roulette titles at RocketPlay.
  • An RTP of 98.65%is present.

Cocktail Roulette

Cocktail Roulette from Atmosfera is based on the European Roulette. The game objective is to guess the number that comes on the Roulette wheel. Key features and rules of the game are:

  • A player can place a single or multiple wagers on the track field or main layout.
  • For the bonus game, the bets are placed only on a single number
  • In each game round, 3 to 5 bonus numbers are chosen at random and when the ball lands on them, the multiplier is triggered.
  • The RTP for this game is 97.3%.

Live Baccarat Game Variations at RocketPlay Casino

RocketPlay provides multiple game variations of Baccarat to Australian players. Baccarat is one of the best live casino games online due to its simple but exciting gameplay.

Here are some of the most sought after Baccarat games we provide for players:

  • Live Baccarat 1
  • Live Baccarat 1 NC
  • Live Baccarat 2 NC
  • Baccarat

Live Baccarat 1 by Beter Live

Live Baccarat from Beter Live is a classic game that uses simple rules. Each game round has three results namely banker, player, and tie. Beter Live uses appealing design and a realistic atmosphere with real dealers. The RTP of live baccarat is 98.94%.

Live Baccarat 1 NC by Beter Live

We feature two variations of Baccarat that are different from the classic game namely the no commission 1 and no commission 2 variants. As the name implies, the game does not have a 5% banker commission. Some of the key rules of the no-commission game are:

  • It features a Super 6 side bet
  • Players receive a 15:1 payout on scoring 6 points.
  • An additional bet is allowed only after the main bet of the player/banker/ tie is made.
  • The RTP is 98.76%

Live Baccarat 2 NC by Beter Live

The Live Baccarat 2 NC is a second variant of the Baccarat No Commission format. This is similar to the Live Baccarat 1 NC with similar gameplay and use of conventional rules. The RTP is 98.76%. The only difference is the difference in the limits and side bets.

Baccarat by Swintt

Baccarat by Swintt is designed on the classic dealer game online. It has several interesting features like:

  • Players can customize their bets
  • Multiple camera angles are used for better visibility.
  • Players can use live chat to interact with other players or the dealer.
  • The RTP for the game is 98.84%

Top Providers at RocketPlay Live Online Casino Australia

RocketPlay Live Online Casino Australia is reputed for providing solely reliable games from the top providers worldwide.

Here is a table revealing info on the top providers and details about them like their licenses, legality, headquarters, launch date, and more.

Name RTP License and legality Headquarters Launch date Game Categories Game portfolio at RocketPlay Live games at RocketPlay
Beter Live 98% MGA Ukraine 2018 Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, and more Over 45 game titles including Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Sic Bo, and Teen Patti Speed Blackjack, Live Roulette, Auto Roulette, and Sic Bo.
Platipus 96% Curacao eGaming, and UKGC Douglas, Isle of Man 2014 Slots, table games Over 100 games including slots, baccarat, and blackjack. European Roulette
Swintt 98.84% UKGC and Malta Gaming Authority Malta 2019 Slots, table games, live games Over 215 titles including slots, baccarat, etc. Baccarat, Roulette
Atmosfera 97% MGA Moscow, Malta, Yerevan, Riga 2020 Table games and Keno 7 live products including Live Roulette, Blackjack,  and Music Wheel. Live Roulette, Blackjack, Cocktail Roulette, Music Wheel.

Best Australian Live Casino bonuses at RocketPlay in 2024

RocketPlay AU offers many interesting and rewarding bonuses to players from Australia. The main promotional offers are given below:

Bonus Name Bonus Description
Welcome Bonus The welcome bonus that we provide to new players includeFirst Deposit BonusFor a minimum deposit of AUD 30, we provide a 100% bonus and 100 free spins which are given as a set of 20 for 5 days. The maximum amount a player can win at our casino is AUD 10,000. Second Deposit BonusA bonus of 200% is applicable on a second deposit of a minimum of 75 AUD. The maximum winning amount a player can get is AUD 10,000. The wagering requirement for the welcome bonus is 40X.
Friday Bonus As the name implies this bonus is given on a Friday and only after two deposits. For deposits between AUD 30 and AUD 75, players get 20 free spins, and for deposits between AUD 75 and AUD 150, 50 free spins are given. For deposits over AUD 150, 100 free spins are given. 40x is the wagering rule here.
Sunday bonus The Sunday offer requires a minimum deposit of AUD 30 and includes a 50% bonus for the deposit. The maximum bonus amount is AUD 300 and the maximum win that can be paid is AUD 3000. 40X is the wagering requirement.
High-roller bonus Eligible after a player makes 2 deposits, the high-roller offer includes a 50% bonus for a minimum deposit of AUD 300 and the maximum bet amount is AUD 7.5. A maximum of AUD 2500 is given and the maximum payout is AUD 25000.
Cashback On Thursdays, Australian players can get up to 15% cashback for playing slots with the no-deposit cashback bonus promo.
Live cashback This is another no-deposit bonus offer given on Thursdays without any wager, the live cashback comprises 10% of the wagering wins a player has made on live games in the past week.
Wednesday free bet As the name suggests, this offer comprises a free bet given midweek on Wednesdays after a player makes two deposits. The free bet covers all the sports events and a deposit between AUD 30 and AUD 80 will get 15 AUD free bet and deposits between AUD 80 and AUD 150 will get 30 AUD free bet. For deposits over AUD 150 45 AUD worth of free bets are given.
Special bonuses for loyalty levels Special offers are given to players as they reach specific loyalty levels beginning from level 2 up to level 10. Cashback percentages given include 3%, 5%, 7%, 9%, 10%, 12%, 13%, and 15% are given for levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 respectively. For level 2, Australian players get 10 free spins.

Tips for Live Casino Experience

The live casino experience is the best when players know a few tips and tricks that help them focus on the important parts, learn what to do to win the games and enjoy the process fully. Here are some tips that Australian players will find useful:

  1. Choose games that you are familiar with initially. When you know the rules and features of a game, it is easier to strategize and win.
  2. Select games that have a high RTP percentage as they increase your winning chances and also give you more value for your money.
  3. The smart way to play and win at the games is to make small bets. This approach will help to extend your bankroll and avoid losing all your money.
  4. Bonuses and promotions are a big boon to players as they help to increase your bankroll and prolong your time at the tables.
  5. Choose a safe and fair casino like RocketPlay, which is licensed and has certifications that ensure safety and fair gameplay.

Mobile Live Casino Compatibility of RocketPlay

We offer a mobile casino that enhances the experience of playing live games online. Rocketplay Live Dealer Casino Australia supports devices using iOS and Android operating systems like iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, and tablets. When played via a mobile device, a player can have plenty of benefits like

  1. The added convenience of accessing the games anytime and from anywhere.
  2. User-friendly and intuitive interface that ensures an enjoyable user experience
  3. The mobile version consumes less data so players use it without worries about space restrictions.

Live Casino Advantages And Disadvantages

RocketPlay is the best online live casino offering Australian players plenty of advantages when it comes to indulging in real money games. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages faced when playing the real dealer titles at our site.

Advantages Disadvantages
The presence of real dealers enables players to play in a genuine gambling environment. RocketPlay offers professional dealers who ensure a seamless gaming environment. Lack of a stable internet connection or delays by other game participants can slow down the game which can annoy players.
Playing online at our live casino gives flexibility that is not possible with land-based sites. Players can access and play the live titles anytime and at any place. The live titles offered are not as expansive as the regular titles.
We use advanced technologies for live-streaming which makes sure users have an exciting time and their details are also well-protected.
We offer special promotional offers and bonuses for live casino players which help to increase their winning chances.


What are the most popular live dealer games at RocketPlay?

RocketPlay features many exciting and popular titles from top providers. They include Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Gravity Blackjack, Auto Roulette, Baccarat, Gravity Sic Bo, and many more.

How to win big playing live dealer games in RocketPlay?

RocketPlay offers the right environment for Australian players to boost their winning while they enjoy the live titles here. Choosing a game from our list of top providers that has a low house edge, following game rules properly, using the right strategies, managing your bankroll smartly, and using our various bonuses and promotions can help players win big at the games.

Are there any bonuses for live dealer games at RocketPlay Casino?

Yes, RocketPlay offers a wide variety of bonuses and other promotions. The bonuses include a welcome offer, Friday bonus, Sunday bonus, high-roller, live cashback, special bonuses, and Wednesday free bet.

Is playing online live games safe and fair?

Australian players need not worry about the safety and fairness of the live games at RocketPlay as a real live casino does not pose any risk. RocketPlay is a licensed establishment with appropriate fair play practices like the use of a random number generator and advanced technologies for user safety.

What are the best live roulette games at RocketPlay?

RocketPlay features a meticulously chosen set of live Roulette games that include Live Roulette from Beter Live and Atmosfera, Cocktail Roulette, European Roulette, Live French Roulette, and Auto Roulette.

Can I play Live dealer games at RocketPlay via mobile devices?

Yes, players can access all the real dealer games at RocketPlay as we offer a diverse range of games as part of our live casino. Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and other titles on our site are accessible via Android and iOS-supported mobile devices. Due to our superior graphics and use of advanced technology, it is easier to access the website and revel in the huge variety from any supported mobile device at any time and place.

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