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Online Casino Bonuses in Australian online casino

Casino bonuses are a way to increase your bankroll instantly. When you deposit at a real online casino in Australia, you often get a bonus on the bet or a fixed amount of money.

So you can play with the casino's money. But how can the casino give away money like that?

Casino bonuses are marketing tools for online casinos. Just as, for example, free drinks are standard in real casinos to attract players, bonuses at online casinos are a way to attract new customers.

In the long run, casinos still make money, even though they give us players bonuses. It is due to the wagering requirements and the fact that many players have no strategy behind gambling at the casino.

If you learn basic techniques for casino games and take care of your bankroll, you can often turn over the bonus without losing it. You do not get rich (the bonuses are not that high), but you can win with some extra money.

A common condition for the online casino bonus is to wager the bonus and your deposit several times before withdrawing the money.

The requirement is often around 20–25 times. Another common condition is that certain games are excluded from bonus games. When it comes to free casinos – where you do not have to make your deposit to start playing – there may be additional withdrawal conditions.

What Are the Types of Bonuses Available in Australia?

Casino bonuses are hotly sought after by many players, and there are no oddities with them. It benefits the player to the fullest; thus, you get the most out of your gambling. Therefore, the hot pursuit of casino bonuses can quickly arise, and all players want to take advantage of the best ones, i.e., the ones that give the most.

When you register at a casino, getting a certain number of free spins is common. You can play real pokie machines online on them. Usually, the casino has chosen the slot machine for you. The money you win from your free spins comes with a wagering requirement.

You must keep playing for them a little more before picking them out. If you win AUD 10 and the wagering requirement is x36, you must play for AUD 360 before you can withdraw the money from your bank account. It is a standard requirement and entirely achievable.

However, not everyone is chasing free bonuses, but some are more interested in the available deposit bonuses. Some people believe you have to bet real money to win, but this is refuted by those who have become millionaires through free spins. You commonly get 100 percent up to a certain amount when you deposit money.

You can also review them. It is also with turnover requirements that can be profitable unless otherwise stated. You can also get free spins as a bonus when you deposit.

Why Do Players Use Bonuses?

What is a good casino bonus or a good casino offer is very individual, but there are some things that differentiate a good bonus from a bad one and things that you should know when making your choice of bonus.

The first thing you notice when you see a bonus casino is an actual offer. However, in some cases, this can be misleading and even to your detriment. What we mean by that is that if the casino bonus does not have nice rules and conditions, it can do more harm than good to you as a player.

When talking about rules and conditions, you often refer to the wagering requirement for the bonus. There is no specific rule for what wagering requirements a bonus should have to be classified as good, but there are some guidelines you can follow to get a better idea of what a good casino offer is.

When you find a new exciting best online live casino, you almost always have the opportunity to get a welcome offer. The welcome offer includes online casino real money free bonus with no wagering requirements.

The gaming companies only have the opportunity to offer you as a player a welcome bonus. With the new law, it is essential to stand out from the crowd as many gaming companies are online, and the competition is extremely tough.

For betting and casino sites, offering a better offer or other added value is essential to attract new players. Many choose to stand out with really advantageous bonuses but do not forget to read the rules and conditions so you will be disappointed.

Many great deals online give you extra money to play for absolutely free.

The Most Popular Bonus Types

Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus is a type of bonus that the gaming site offers to new players. You must register an account with the casino and not have had an account there before. It is a bonus that you can only take part once.

The welcome bonus can vary from casino to casino. Some offer their new players a deposit bonus, while others have different cashback bonuses. For example, if you play for AUD 100, you get AUD 100.

Most gaming sites offer you a so-called welcome bonus or sign-up bonus. The most common form of welcome bonus and casino live bonus is that you get:

  • Extra money when you make your first deposit;
  • Free spins on games.

A deposit bonus is usually between 50–200 percent of your deposit amount. If you deposit AUD 200 on your first deposit, this results in

  • With a 50% deposit bonus, and the casino deposits an additional AUD 100 = Balance: AUD 300.
  • With a 100% deposit bonus, the casino deposits an additional AUD 200 = Balance: AUD 400.
  • With a 200% deposit bonus, the casino deposits an additional AUD 400 = Balance: AUD 600.

Therefore, reviewing the welcome offers different gaming sites have can be profitable.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is often a bonus received on your first deposit at a casino. The casino may also have different offers where you can get a deposit bonus if your deposit is a certain amount.

Often this bonus is a so-called matching bonus. It means that the casino matches the deposit you as a player have just made.

The bonus is usually shown by a percentage, which means that you as a player get a more significant bonus if you deposit more money. It is common for casinos to offer a deposit bonus of 100%, but there is also a lower bonus percentage of 50% or 25%.

Each casino has its maximum limit for how much money you can deposit and still get the deposit bonus. But the fact remains that through this type of bonus you can get large sums extra to play for.

Free Spins

Free spins and casino free bonus games are just some of the other names commonly used for free spins.

Free spins are a bonus option for the various slot games available today. As a player, you can simply spin the reels on the slots without paying for it. However, it is not a test round you get for free, but here you can win the actual winnings.

However, it may be the case that any winnings you receive via free spins may have a wagering requirement that you must reach to take part in the winnings. In addition to this, it may also be that you need to bet a particular amount of the money you won.


As it sounds, a cashback casino bonus online is a type of repayment bonus. The refund you receive is a certain percentage of the amount you lost on the game. For the cashback to be counted as a cash back bonus, it must not have any turnover requirements or similar conditions. For example, if the cashback bonus is 20% and you lose AUD 1,000, you get AUD 200 refunded.

The exact rules and how long the gaming site offers cashback vary greatly between all casinos. It is always advisable to read the casino bonus terms and conditions of the bonus at the casino you are playing at.

Level-Based Bonuses

In addition to welcome bonuses, there are many gaming sites that offer different casino online free bonus and VIP levels or other player levels that unlock different bonuses. The more you play or turn over the side, the higher you rise in these levels.

Common bonuses in these cases are similar to those you receive in the welcome offer. However, these bonuses are usually not as large as the welcome bonus and are also covered by wagering requirements.

Best Bonuses for Australian Players in RocketPlay Casino

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus in Australia would be a start bonus and is usually an alternative form of readings (usually they complement each other, rather than just having one or the other). Many casinos give you money before you even make a deposit just to join their site. This bonus is normally around AUD10 and is used to motivate a player to start playing.

It is a fact that almost half of the registrations do not lead to first deposits, so casinos want players who experience the game, to eventually make a deposit.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonus is quite similar to a welcome bonus. Casinos offer a deposit bonus and/or a few free spins for every deposit you make, to keep you playing. A fairly common reload bonus is 50% cash plus 10–20 free slot spins. So if you deposit 100, you get 50 extra in the account and also a few rounds of free games.

Preferred Bonuses

Some casinos prefer, for one reason or another, certain payment methods over others. To encourage players to use the specific method, they give bonuses for just that. Let's say that a given online casino prefers transactions made by Paysafecard, rather than MasterCard or Visa. To have players using Paysafe more often, the casino offers a 5–10% bonus on all deposits with Paysafecard.

Loyalty Bonuses

Players who have stayed at a casino for a long time and have generated significant revenue are often rewarded with a loyalty bonus. Depending on membership time or VIP status, the casino will increase the benefits it will provide you.

The most common types are a monthly increase or an extra deposit bonus. We have already read about the deposit bonus, but the percentages increase depending on your loyalty. As for the monthly bonus, casinos can reward long-term members by giving back a percentage of the player's losses (ranging from 3%, all the way up to 25%).

High Roller Bonuses

As the name suggests, high roller bonuses apply to those who deposit and play for big money. This bonus comes when making deposits of AUD1000 or more, and is often at 50% or up of the deposit. So if a high roller deposits 2000, the casino increases the amount by another 1000 or more.

Bonuses Without Wagering Requirements

As we mentioned earlier, wagering requirements are common, but many casinos offer bonuses with no wagering requirements (or low wager casino bonus). The most important thing is reading the terms and conditions before taking advantage of offers. Without wagering requirements, you as a player can always withdraw the amount you win in addition to your deposit.

Turnover Requirements

But nothing is free in this world, we have learned since childhood, which also applies to deposit bonuses. Almost all gaming sites have so-called wagering requirements on your bonus or your deposit amount.

The wagering requirements of the casino bonus, plus bonus amounts, can vary between 25–75 times the deposit amount. The wagering requirements mean you must wager the money so many times before withdrawing any amount from your gaming account.

If we take the same example as above and look at a common example as a 200% deposit bonus, the different wagering requirements mean that you have to pay for this much:

  • 25 times turnover requirement times AUD 600 = AUD 15,000.
  • 50 times turnover requirement times AUD 600 = AUD 30,000.
  • 75 times turnover requirement times AUD 600 = AUD 45,000.

Current Bonus Trends at Casinos

Online casinos do their utmost to stay on top of competitors and satisfy players' needs. Below we have gathered what is trendy right now regarding casino bonuses.

Turnover-free free spins upon registration

Something that attracts many players are free spins that do not require turnover. You can play for free a certain number of times on a selected slot machine immediately after registration. All possible winnings from your free spins can then be withdrawn instantly as real money.

The opportunity to choose the bonus yourself.

Offering players choices is becoming more common in online casinos. For example, you can choose between a deposit bonus or free spins. Sometimes, it is between a bonus for casino games and live casino or a bonus for odds.

Mobile app bonuses (as casino best bonus casino)

Offering an optimized platform for all devices is a must for online casinos today if they want to compete in the market. However, some take another step forward and offer a casino app that makes mobile gaming even smoother. These apps can sometimes also include casino bonuses to motivate players to download the app.

Step-by-step Instruction about How to Get Casino Bonuses for Australian Players in RocketPlay casino

Here's how to claim your casino bonus:

  1. Choose the bonus you want to take advantage of. Start by looking at the casino bonuses we present. Think about the most important game type: Do you prefer a bonus that gives you an extra amount to pay for or get free spins? With us, you will find both types of game bonuses.
  2. Click on the casino. Once you have found a casino bonus that suits you, just click on the casino that offers it.
  3. Open a gaming account. Open a gaming account at the RocketPlay casino. You can usually activate your bonus already in connection with your first deposit.
  4. Start playing. Once you have made your first deposit and triggered your bonus, just start playing.

Casino Bonus Rules

Something that not everyone thinks about is that when you receive a casino bonus, you also agree to several conditions that the online casino has for the bonus. These conditions speak, among other things, about what is allowed for that particular bonus, such as which games it applies to, what the maximum bet is, and how much the wagering requirement is for you to be able to withdraw any winnings from your bonus.

If you violate any of these rules or conditions, the casino has the right to cancel your bonus and all winnings associated with the bonus. In the worst case, your account may be suspended at the casino. It is always you as a player who is obliged to keep track of all the rules and conditions for a casino bonus.

That is why we recommend that you who register at an online casino read the bonus terms carefully before you receive a bonus, partly to avoid breaking the terms by mistake, but above all so that you do not receive a bonus which do not have good conditions.

It is also good to know that you do not have to accept a casino bonus even if you are offered one, usually you can choose whether you want to receive the bonus or not in connection with making your deposit.

Pros and Cons of the Casino Bonus Program

When you play casinos online, there are many opportunities to find a casino bonus that allows you to play cheaper or even for free.

At many online casinos, you get a deposit bonus when you come as a new player. It means that you deposit a sum into the gaming account and are then offered a certain amount in the bonus. It means you have more money to play for than you invest yourself. Sometimes the bonus amount can be as large as the amount you bet yourself, and then the amount you can play for is doubled.

At other casinos, you can get a free casino bonus, where you are not required to deposit your own money. If you have not played online casinos before, this is a great way to try casino games without having to wager your own money. You then risk nothing and can calmly try different games and casinos to find what suits you best.


Choosing a casino with a bonus benefits you as a player. Partly you increase the playing time by getting more money to play for, but you also make your entire gaming experience more exciting and increase the chances of winning.

However, some things in a casino bonus define some offers better than others. However, what constitutes a good casino bonus is very individual. One thing that most players agree on, however, is that there are some general rules for what to look for when choosing a casino bonus.

  • Ability to augment your winning probability;
  • A chance to use the bonus with particular games to test them;
  • You’ll prolong your gambling experiences;
  • You’ll have diverse gambling experiences;
  • You increase your chances of winning with a casino bonus;
  • You get more playing time when you choose to receive a bonus at a casino;
  • You can get the chance to try a particular game before you bet your own money;
  • You get more money to play for;
  • You increase the excitement and your gaming experience.

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing a casino with a bonus.


The experience for you as a player at a casino without a bonus will be much more tedious and not as advantageous either.

When you play without a casino bonus, you lose several different things such as increased chances of winning, playing time, and more significant amounts to play for. You have to deposit real money to try out the casino without knowing if it is something for you or not.

  • There’s a wagering requirement to stick to;
  • Some bonus conditions may seem complicated;
  • Lower chances of winning when playing without a casino bonus
  • You must bet your own money immediately before you have tried the casino
  • You get less playing time
  • You have less money to play for
  • A casino that does not offer a bonus can be perceived as dull and unattractive.

What Should Be Taken into Account when Choosing a Casino Bonus?

Unlike odds bonuses, this type of bonus is slightly more single-track. Here it is a deposit and also a welcome bonus that applies more or less consistently. The first question to ask is what type of casino game to play? If slots are in focus, it is generally not a problem at all to sell your money on all websites.

If, on the other hand, you as a player are interested in roulette, blackjack, or why, not video poker, it is more the rule than the exception that the bonus is affected to some extent.

The next question that should be considered as soon as possible is how high is the idea that you should play? Most online casinos have a maximum level of how much per spin or round is allowed to deposit.

However, the most central and perhaps most important question that more or less everyone is asking is whether the highest sum or the lowest turnover requirement is the best? Here, everyone can go to themselves and think about what fits.

Online casinos use bonuses to attract new players to play with them, and it is also advantageous for you as a player to take advantage of a bonus. When you register with a casino and get a bonus in connection, you make your entire gaming experience much more fun and have a greater chance of winning money.

Another thing that has become very popular at Australian online casinos in recent years is live casinos. Here, too, there are specific bonuses called live casino bonuses, which only apply to an online casino's live casino section.

Whether or not to play with a casino bonus is a question that is often discussed. Still, we think you should choose a casino with a bonus if the bonus is favorable and has good conditions for you as a player. You get more time to play and also more money to play for.

Regardless of which bonus you are looking for, you want the conditions to be fair and the bonus to be to your advantage.

Therefore, we will talk below about what can be defined as a good casino offer and a good casino bonus so that you can get a better picture of when you should choose a bonus and when you should give it up.


How to get a bonus from RocketPlay casino?

Now that you have a slightly better insight into how different types of bonuses work, all that remains for you is picking up the best casino bonus offer.

This part is pretty simple:

  1. Look at the list of casino bonus offers on the site that is available to you.
  2. Compare all the different bonuses.
  3. Choose the best casino bonus (or bonuses) for you.
  4. Click on the link for the bonus offer, often described as "To Casino"
  5. Follow the instructions to claim your bonus.
  6. Make sure you enter your correct information.

How to redeem casino bonuses?

There are many different casino bonuses online for different players. From the welcome package for new players to promotions for experienced players. You can climb the casino's loyalty levels and find even more exciting bonuses. If a bonus does not appeal to you, just ignore the bonus and continue playing. So, to redeem your bonus, stick to the terms of use of a particular bonus type.

How to withdraw casino bonuses?

Usually, you can only receive a particular casino bonus once. The best casino bonuses terms of the bonus will be stated, especially if a bonus is part of an active promotion. Sometimes there are exceptions. For example, recruitment bonuses can have no turnover limits. Always read the fine print in each casino with bonuses to familiarize yourself with their policy.