Best Online Casino that Accepts Mastercard Deposits in Australia 2024

mastercard casino

Bank cards are considered the most popular payment instrument after cash and hold absolute leadership among internet users. This article compiled a list of casinos that accept Mastercard and provided important information about each. Read on to learn more about all the nuances of playing at an online casino that accepts Mastercard.

The Best Mastercard Casino Sites: Explained

Among all card options, Mastercard is the favourite for Australian gamblers. This is explained by its convenience of use and low transaction limits.

Crediting funds from the card to the casino account is instantaneous, but it takes longer to draw the won money. Cash outl terms can be 1-3 business days, sometimes even more.

Gamblers should remember that having won in slot machines at online casino with replenishment through Mastercard, they can take out prizes in the same way as the deposit was made. When topping up with a MasterCard, withdrawing the winnings will be possible only on it.

Types of Cards

Mastercard types of cards are categorised by account type into the following variants:

  • Mastercard Credit Cards

By using a credit card, you manage the bank's money. The amount is set depending on your credit limit. The credit limit, in turn, depends on your credit rating. You pay as soon as you have the money, but within a set time limit.

  • Mastercard Debit Cards

Debit cards are linked to your bank account and funded directly from it. Essentially, they act like a cheque, only you can instantly access your money.

  • Mastercard Prepaid Cards

These are cards that you load with money and use to make purchases. As such, the only amount of money you can use is limited to what you put on the card. These cards are not tied to any bank account.

  • MasterCard Contactless

This is a contactless payment technology from MasterCard. It takes place by bringing or holding the card to a payment terminal reader, which has long been familiar to modern users.

  • MasterCards for Business Owners

This is an ordinary bank card, but linked to a special card account of an LLC or IE. This makes it convenient for entrepreneurial activities, since when making payments with such a card, the money comes from the organisation's account.

Mastercard Offers

Mastercard types are also divided into certain types according to prestige and functionality.

  • Standard

This is the basic type of card. It doesn't usually offer high benefits or liability protection, but it's good for building credit.

  • Gold

Usually gives more rewards and perks, but more importantly, it includes free travel assistance, accident insurance, and roadside assistance.

  • Platinum

Provides better rewards as well as travel assistance and purchase protection.

  • World

Includes price protection, extended warranty protection, identity theft protection services for purchases, and trip cancellation services.

  • World Elite

This card entitles you to discounts on certain hotels, car rentals, cruise packages, holiday tours and airline tickets, chauffeur services or flights on private jets.

How to Use Mastercard at Online Casinos in Australia

Firstly, players from Australia need to choose a reliable casino that accepts Mastercard and register with it. For further successful cash out, you will need to verify your profile. The verification procedure includes such steps as:

  • identity verification (name and age),
  • verification of email and phone number,
  • verification of address and verification of payment method (for example, a photo of the card with blurred numbers).

After successful verification, you can make a deposit and start playing.

How to Deposit Using Mastercard?

mastercard casino

Follow the steps below to make a deposit:

  1. Register at an online casino site that supports the MasterCard payment method.
  2. Log in to your personal account, select the "Cashier" tab.
  3. Specify the deposit amount, make sure that it corresponds to the minimum limit.
  4. Choose among the Mastercard payment services.
  5. Specify the details of your card: number, expiry date, CVV-code.
  6. Confirm the transaction by SMS (or other method, if available).

How to Withdraw Winnings?

After verification, you can withdraw your winnings from the casino in a few steps:

  1. Authorise at the online casino site.
  2. Go to the "Cashier" section.
  3. Click on the "Withdrawal" button and choose Mastercard as the payment method.
  4. Specify the required amount and make sure that it corresponds to the minimum as well as the maximum limit.
  5. Enter the details of your MasterCard bank card.
  6. Confirm the payment.

Payment Features at Best Mastercard Online Casinos

Let's take a detailed look at the main characteristics of Mastercard transactions. Read on to learn all about the transaction speeds, limits and fees that may be included when using Mastercard at best online casinos.

Speed of Transaction

Australian players can deposit using Mastercard and instantly receive money in their accounts. As for the cash out of winnings, the procedure takes a little longer.

For example, you can expect up to five working days for the first winnings. This is due to the need for verification. All subsequent cash outs will take 1 to 3 days, depending on the speed of processing applications in the casino.

Limits for Deposits

You can top up the game balance at Rocket Play online casino using MasterCard, starting with a minimum amount of 25 AUD. This amount is also a requirement for receiving the no-deposit bonus.

At the same time, the maximum transfer amount in one transaction is 6,000 AUD. However, before making large payments, it is recommended to ensure that your bank allows such transactions.

Limits for Withdrawals

The minimum amount with which you can start the cash out process at Rocket Play Casino is 30 AUD. Per transaction you can cash out up to 6,000 AUD.

When considering take outs via MasterCard at Rocket Play Casino, the maximum amount that can be removed weekly is 15,000 AUD. At the same time, the maximum total amount that can be requested for cash out within a month is capped at AUD 30,000.

Mastercard Fees

At RocketPlay online casino in Australia, there are usually no additional fees when using MasterCard. Operators take care of all costs associated with processing transactions, allowing you to receive the full amount requested. There may rarely be a small fee just for cash outs.

We emphasise that take outs from MasterCard to best online casinos are usually made without any additional fees, but in some situations, a 2% fee is possible.

Payment Option Alternatives

Online casinos provide a variety of payment methods with AUD. Next, we'll compare the most popular ones with Mastercard and determine which is best.

MasterCard VS Visa

When choosing a card at the bank, many people ask themselves: What is better than Visa or MasterCard? Both payment systems are available for debit and credit cards and can be used to play at the best online casinos in Australia. We have tabulated the differences between these payment systems and which one to choose for casino play.

Aspect Visa Mastercard
Acceptance Widely accepted at many casinos Also widely accepted, competitive
Registration Process Requires registration on the casino site, entering personal information and card number Additional data may be required, but it provides a high degree of security
Withdrawal Cash out from the card is possible but may be limited or require additional data Cash out is possible, more flexible terms and conditions and less often additional data is required
Security Standardised measures are applied to standard security measures for online transactions. High level of security, including EMV and 3D Secure technologies for online transactions, enhancing protection.
Online Casino Support Supports merchant accounts for gambling, but some banks may be cautious due to the high risk. Actively supports merchant accounts for gambling, usually with more flexible terms and conditions
Transaction Speed Usually fast, but there may be a slight delay in processing transactions Usually fast, often similar in speed to Visa or even faster due to processing technologies

MasterCard VS Maestro

Let's compare Mastercard to another popular card accepted at best online casino sites in Australia.

Characteristics Mastercard Maestro
Coverage Worldwide Restricted to region
Acceptance Widely accepted in online casinos Accepted, but less common
Spending limits Higher, depending on the credit limit Limited to account balance
Currencies Supports multiple currencies Usually limited to national currency
Protection Often provides additional insurance and guarantees Basic fraud protection
Benefits Priority access to various promotions and bonuses Major financial transactions
Additional Services Special offers and loyalty programmes Main focus on financial transactions

Other Alternative Payment Methods

You can also use the following payment methods at online casinos in Australia:

  • E-wallets

Skrill and Neteller stand out as the most widely used electronic wallets within the online casino sphere. They are now prominently featured as payment options across numerous Australian best online casinos. The advantage lies in not having to connect your bank account directly to your casino account.

  • Bank transfer

Bank transfer continues to be a popular method as almost every player has a bank account, making it no extra hassle to deposit or take out money. However, the process can take time as you must log into your bank account.

  • Cryptocurrency

Such cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, enable players to uphold their anonymity, ensure swift payment processing, and typically impose no extra charges. Opting for cryptocurrency payments at an online casino ensures a level of complete "transparency". This further underscores the advantages of online casinos in comparison to their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mastercard Online Casino

Let's summarise the pros and cons of Mastrecard for making a deposit at online casinos in Australia.

Pros Cons
  • Fast completion of transactions. For casino players, this is one of the key advantages, which avoids a long wait for the deposit to be credited. Usually, the funds arrive in the account instantly.
  • Maximum level of security. The company's policy includes 4 aspects of security for players: removal of responsibility for the actions of fraudsters from the user's card, chipping of cards, the presence of secure code and Mastercard Identity CheckTMm system.
  • Convenience of the service. A future client should apply to any popular bank to get a MasterCard.
  • Reduced limits on deposits and take outs. Typically, Mastercard payments have lower minimum amounts compared to e-wallets and other systems.
  • Accessibility to everyone. Players from all countries, including Australia, can acccess a Mastercard.
  • The commission, potentially up to 2%, is a factor players might be unfavourable. However, the exact fee varies based on the casino.
  • Verification is a necessary process, albeit time-consuming. It usually takes 1-2 days to wait for identity verification.
  • Using a credit card for payments during gameplay poses higher risks, as it can lead to debt. Players must be vigilant in managing their credit funds.


Is there any commission on Mastercard payments at casinos?

The exact amount of the commission fee depends on the casino. However, for deposit and cashout for players from Australia, a commission of up to 2% is possible.

Are deposits and withdrawals fast at Mastercard online casinos?

Deposits are instant with Mastercard. Cash outs can take up to 3 working days.It can dependent on the card type you use and the payment option itself.

Is it safe to pay using Mastercard at an online casino?

This payment method has a unique security system, Mastercard Identity CheckTMm, which automatically triggers user identification if it detects suspicious activity.

Can I make payment with Mastercard via mobile device at an online casino?

Yes, you can top up your Mastercard account using your mobile device. To do this, you need to download the bank's app that you use, create an account and link your card to payments via your phone.

How to choose the best Mastercard online casino in Australia?

Pay attention to the casino's licence, range of games and bonus offers. One of the best choices for Australian players is RocketPlay.